It is a pleasure to announce the Battered Moons Poetry Competition winners for 2019:

1st prize, NJ Hynes, for her poem ‘The Moon Yawns and Keeps Yawning’.
2nd prize, Nicolette Golding for ‘Nonchalance’.
3rd prize, Sue Spiers for ‘Wheatfield with Cypresses’.

Michael Caines for ‘Industry’.
Christina Thatcher for ‘Detox Passage’.
Laura Potts for ‘Virginity’.
Ruth Sharman for ‘Dharga Road’

Come and join us at the celebration and prize giving on Saturday 5th October. We will gather to listen to the winning and commended poems and to judge Zoë Brigley Thompson reading from her own work. Find further details and tickets here. Do not miss the workshop led by Zoë on Sunday 6th October. A great opportunity also to enjoy other events and workshops taking place at the Big Poetry Weekend in the beautiful location of Richard Jefferies Museum and gardens.