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George MoreheadGEORGE MOREHEAD – Administration and inspiration

George is the son of a retired policeman and a retired nurse.  They write very good poetry.  So does all his family, he sometimes wishes they wrote more.
On Thursdays he can be found teaching at a poetry workshop called “The Treehouse,” which is for 13-19 year olds.
In 2015 he set up a e-zine, called “The Junkyard,” which is a space for poetry and reviews.
If you haven’t already heard about it he would like to tell you about the Swindon Festival of Poetry, a festival that welcomes all, and is (if you’d believe it) more exciting and worthwhile than reading a book.

Me and my brother

We rode on a sofa
down a hill
and tore off each others skin
made it into a map to Narnia
put each piece inside
an invisible potion
hiding under piles of
jeans and coats and itchy jumpers.


We slept in a nest with wasps
some dead, some buzzing
every night a different sting.
One morning you woke me up
to convince me it was Christmas.


We swung from trees
that coughed up blood
split bricks in half
raspberry jam
stuck cheese behind the fire
then ran as far
as we could get
from the smack and slap
of the slipper.


We laughed, and no-one noticed us
getting wet, wet wet wet wet
wet wet wet, like a rats terror,
a black leaf of whisky,
in the bath, two cards
about to fall.


We fell, with a noose about our necks
and ended up inside a weather clock,
you coming out when it was sunny
and me staying in until it rained
chewing gum flicked from the spring
of a bent back ruler.


You ripped me
ripped me into splinters


Kindling for a pair
of dusty hippos
the banjo colour of gypsy ponds
one full of salt
one full of pepper
and the ragged beard
of Granddad Claus
fish diving like a steeplejack,
bone, bone, bone.



Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton is a winner of the Poetry London and Hope Bourne competitions and commended at the Troubadour, Nottingham, and Gregory O’Donoghue (Strokestown). Her poems appear in PN Review, Poetry London, Long Poem Magazine, Tears in the Fence, Southword, The Interpreter’s House, and elsewhere. Her third collection, Cry Wolf, received a Straid Award and is published by Templar Poetry.

As an organiser and co-judge of the Battered Moons Poetry Competition, she has worked alongside Alice Oswald, Michael Symmons Roberts, Lesley Saunders and David Morley.

She is currently preparing a book of recipes and poems called NOSH with contributions from outstanding British poets. Cristina also sings hondo flamenco, and conducts appreciation courses on poetry, flamenco and the arts.

 She organises the Battered Moons Poetry Competition, now in its sixth year, supported by Arts Cpuncil

 England and part of the Poetry Swindon Festival. She is also involved in adult education, workshops and

 performances of poetry and flamenco hondo singing. She holds an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Valladolid and has worked as a lecturer in Spain and UK.




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 HILDA SHEEHAN – Administration and support 2010-2014
   Hilda was born in 1967 in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and grew up in Leyland, Lancashire. She has
   studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the Open University, while raising five children in
   Swindon. She lived in Thailand for ten years, and has been a psychiatric nurse and Montessori teacher. She
  is editor of Domestic Cherry magazine and also works for Swindon Artswords (Literature Development) and
  the Swindon Festival of Poetry. Hilda’s full-length collection, The Night My Sister Went to Hollywood, is
  out with Cultured Llama Press  .  See  .


Clare Knock CLARE – Administration 2014

 Born near Reading, Clare travelled the world working as a physical oceanographer. She then

 settled near Swindon working  as a physicist and mathematician. Her interests in poetry reflect

 her interests elsewhere; science, gliding, hiking, cycling and travelling.








MICHAEL SCOTT – Technical Michael Scott photo- readingsupport 2013


  A poet, writer and Creative Writing Tutor from Swindon, Koestler Trust Arts mentor for ex-offenders, with

 experience with NAWE in community settings, and as a Learning Ambassador for Swindon Borough Council.

 He currently works as Community Officer for Swindon Academy.

 Michael was a winner in the  Battered Moons Poetry Competition 2011 and awarded second place in the Poets

  Meet Painters Competition 2011, County Cork, Ireland, and has read his poetry all over the UK.

  He has been editor of Domestic Cherry  and Builder’s Tea.

And Other Poems

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