The competition is now closed. Thank you to all who sent their entries. Malika Booker and Cristina Newton look forward to reading them. Winners and finalists will be notified in September.

Join us at the awards celebration on Saturday 7 October, when the 7 finalists will read their poems. Malika Booker will hand the prizes and share her work. There will be music by talented singer Caitlin Eastham. All part of the Poetry Swindon Festival, which has earned a reputation for excellent poetry, unashamed friendliness and endless good vibes. As Matthew Caley put it: “Wow-what a grand time—–Viet Vets charging their Mobility Scooters in Harem tents; 1930’s Modernist diving towers; grand people; grand reading —its a special atmosphere you got going and you should be very proud— Grand fun, too—great poetry but without the [oft-times] po-faced aura] —we salute you — makes you feel good so many grand folks exist in this sad, post Brexit media-dominated world”.

“I have been attending festivals as a poet for over 25 years, and this was surely the best I have seen, in terms of spirit, friendliness, audience engagement, and general sense of a poetry friendly environment. Well done for excellent work.” Todd Swift

A five day poetry festival in the beautiful location of the Richard Jefferies Museum and Coate Water Country Park. There will be excursions to other venues and explorations of the local area. Accomodation is available for four nights at The Holiday Inn or The Sun Inn.

Poetry Swindon Festival takes place this year between 5th to 9th October in the beautiful surroundings of the Richard Jefferies Museum, Coate Water, Swindon. Residential tickets and passes are now on sale.

Don’t miss this year’s fabulous programme of events!


We are over the Saturn moons with Malika Booker having agreed to be our guest judge for 2017.

The competition will open for entries on 1st March until June 30st 2017.

Get fuelled up now – time’s ticking away and before you know it, we’ll be on our launch pad and ready for blast off.


We are delighted to announce the winners and commended poets for 2016:


1. ‘Rebecca’ by Ken Evans

2. ‘Casting Innocence’ by Amelia Loulli

3. ‘From the Observer’s Book of Scent’ by Roy Marshall


‘Portrait as a Crow’ by Nick Compton

‘Howlet’ by Yvonne Reddick

‘Mammuthus Trogontherii’ by Ian McEwen

‘Kaktovik’ by Charlotte Eichler

Our congratulations to all seven and thanks to Daljit Nagra for his work as guest judge.

Join us on 8th October at the Arts Centre Swindon for the Battered Moons evening of celebration and readings, pharm pharm featuring the seven finalists and judges Daljit Nagra and Cristina Newton, stuff with music by Persian flutist Iman Askari and guitarrist Haydn Bonadie.

The event is part of the fantastic Poetry Swindon Festival.