With many thanks to David Morley as main judge, Clare Knock, our invaluable registrar, and Hilda Sheehan for her support and co-operation, here, at last, the results of Battered Moons 2014:


1st – ‘Another Twenty Another Stone’, by Zelda Chappel from Kent

2nd – ‘A Paradigm Shift in Ornithology’, by Sarah Watkinson from Oxfordshire

3rd – ‘Heron/Snow’, by Polly Atkin from Cumbria


‘Nightjar’, by Rebecca Gethin, from Devon

‘Hare Mother’, by Jinny Fisher from Sommerset

‘The True Colour of Snow’, by Steve Scholey from Hampshire

‘Lilies White Heaven’, by Chrissy Banks from Sommerset


Hear our seven poets and David Morley read on October 4th at the Battered Moons event  as part of the Swindon Festival of Poetry, a night of poetry and celebration, with Spanish guitar by Oxfordshire virtuoso Paul Owen.

Other guest poets at the Festival include Don Share ( Poetry magazine and the Poetry Foundation, Chicago), Maurice Riordan (Poetry Review), Cliff Yates, Lesley Saunders, Alison McVety, Martin Malone (The Interpreter’s House) and many other talented poets.

Further information and tickets at  Swindon Festival of Poetry .