BATTERED MOONS POETRY COMPETITION started nine years ago and became a national competition in 2012.

It has had a privileged trajectory, with the collaboration of guest judges Martin Malone, Lesley Saunders, Michael Symmons Roberts, Alice Oswald, David Morley, Pascale Petite, Daljit Nagra,Malika Booker and Jacob Sam-La Rose.

Battered Moons is an open national poetry competition supported by Swindon Artswords and Arts Council England, and part of the Swindon Festival of Poetry, to which Battered Moons is linked.

The Battered Moons Team are Sam Loveless as administrator, Maurice Spillane as secretary, and Cristina Newton as organiser, co-judge and editor of the Battered Moons pamphlet. Every year, a different guest poet joins the team as main judge. Hilda Sheehan has been a vital link between Battered Moons and the world as organiser of Poetry Swindon festival and for all round support.

Matt Holland, as director of the Swindon Festival of Literature, has played a vital part in the history of Battered Moons, supporting the project and providing assistance and guidance from the start. Our debt also to the invaluable help of Michael Scott.

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